Easy. Simple. Beautiful.

Watch Your Coins

This is your Watchlist. Add here all the coins you're interested in and you'll be able to check their price at a glance.

Know Your Worth

This is your Portfolio. Add here the coins you own and check their worth over time. Graphs are coming soon!

Tap, Tap, Alert

You can set alerts for any cryptocurrency, in 9 reference currencies.

Easy to manage

We designed Zenith Portfolio with simplicity in mind. If something is too complicated, call us out.

Securely encrypted

The data in your portfolio is encrypted and secured by 3 layers of protection. Because it's encrypted and is only stored on your device, no one can see what you own; not even us.

Over 2000 cryptocurrencies

We constantly add new coins and tokens, as soon as they are traded on exchanges.

Price Alerts

Receive a notification every time the price of your favourite cryptocurrencies changes. You'll be the first to know when BTC hits $20,000... or $100.